Say, I Do! Play Ball! Tee It Up! Meet & Greet!

Planet Maze

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You can stay all day, or leave and return later that day!
Parents can sit back and relax while the kids play!
•No Hassles Birthday Parties- we do the work, you have the fun! Parties Include: Hostess,Private Party Room, New hand tossed pizza, cupcakes by Smith Island Cake company and your party today!

•Full-service snack bar, featuring Pepsi products, Ortega Nachos and Cheese, Super Pretzels, new improved pizza, the best chicken tenders and a whole lot more...

•WI-FI access available, so bring your laptop to surf the net while your kids play.

•HI-DEF Cable TVs with all the best sporting events everyday!

•Indoor and Outdoor tables available for rest and relaxation.

•Bring your family and friends or book a large group, we've got something for everyone!
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