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Jolly Roger Amusement Park

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Take a whirl on the fast and furious Riptide Express, or challenge the twists, turns and drops of our Roller Coaster, the newest roller coaster at the beach. Then, when you're ready for a break, enjoy cool delights from one of our many concession stands. Try your skill at one of our Midway Games or just view the scenery on the Jolly Roger® Express, our 1952 antique train.

Jolly Roger® Amusement Park has rides and games the whole family can enjoy. And as always, there is never a charge to just relax and stroll through Ocean City's only full-service Family Amusement Facility.
Other parks on site include:
Xtreme Ziplines
Splash Mountain
Jungle and Treasure Hunt Mini Golf
Also, don’t forget about the Jolly Roger® Pier Rides at the Inlet!

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