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The Bonfire Restaurant

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Family owned and operated since 1971, the Bonfire Restaurant has been serving our valued customers for over 40 years. The Bonfire’s beautiful décor features tropical aquariums, beautifully designed stained glass, and lush flower gardens.  Always a premier dining experience, our success can be attributed to consistently great food and exceptional service.  Our generous 150 ft buffet features juicy snow crab legs, fresh prime rib, fabulous soups, an expansive selection of fish, barbeque ribs, raw bar, fresh fruit  and a unbeatable array of perfectly crafted decadent  desserts. In addition to our prime rib and seafood buffet, we offer a generous A La Carte menu, complete with a great variety of fresh seafood, handpicked steaks, soups, and desserts.
(410) 524-7171

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